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Monday, June 4, 2012

Tasty But Toxic

I picked up another houseplant this past week. It's a Sago Palm. Did you know this plant is highly poisonous to pets (& humans) if eaten? Apparently pets find it particularly tasty. It doesn't come with a warning on the label - I only found this out because I was looking into how to properly care for my new little investment. I realize there are probably a number of toxic plants in many of our homes - shouldn't they come labelled as such? Sheesh! I've now bookmarked the Pet Poison Helpline and plan to refer to it whenever I bring a new plant in the house. 

I was interested to learn that one of my readers is allergic to sulphur; this would make a visit to the Rotorua area impossible - save wearing a gas mask the entire time. These pics were taken on the morning of my official city tour. I'll share more from that morning another post, but thought the following would serve to demonstrate just how geologically active this area is.

These bubbling mud pools are right in the city, along one of the main roads. Our driver was kind enough to stop at a number of spots along the way, so we could get out and take pics. 

Yes, it was smelly right here, but it all depended on wind conditions and there were actually only a few occasions the whole time we were there that we really noticed the acrid scent of sulphur.

With temperatures as high as 100C - you don't want to fall in.

Can you imagine this scene right behind your hotel? People pay money to soak in the mud pools - the minerals in them are thought to hold health properties. We bought home some mud soap and moisturizer from the local area.

Looks like something right out of Jurassic Park. 
Is this the primordial ooze we are thought to have crawled out of?!

All for today...

Emma certainly thinks poisonous plants should come with a warning label.


  1. Great photos, but I wouldn't want to live that close to it! I know what you mean about toxic plants. I always check whether a plant is toxic because I have a cat that will chew on anything - and then barf it up at the most inconvenient time. Yuk. Mind you, my straggling band of surviving plants would probably say that I'm the most toxic thing with my Killer Paws. Plants are on borrowed time with me! Emma looks so adorable!

  2. That's very informative. I didn't know plants can be poisonous if eaten by animals. We have 2 dogs and 8 cats. Sometimes, I see one of our dogs chewing our plant's leaves. Hmmmm...ヅ

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  3. I had to move all Zeke level houseplants when he came to live with us, as he found it necessary to chew them all. I also restrict access to parts of the garden for the same reason. Our neighbour has a laurel hedge and the leaves fall on our side, and they are apparently harmful to animals.
    The bubbling muddy pools are very impressive. I can understand why people would want to soak in them, I imagine it would be so comfortable. Getting it off afterwards, perhaps not so much fun!

  4. Wow, Jane, these photos are amazing! That really does look like something right out of Jurassic Park. Which makes it pretty cool. I'd be curious enough to soak in a mud pool - once - just to see what it's like. Emma is adorable! What a sweet face.

  5. I never gave any thought to what houseplants I keep around. Fortunately none of my animals has shown any interest in the ones I have and from now on I will be careful when I buy a new one. And that sulpher bed looks amazing. Wonderful photographs, very 'beginning of the world'!

  6. The photos are incredible...I think I can sort of imagine the smell!

  7. I had a sago palm once -- didn't know it was poisonous! I'm glad Her Royal Highness showed no interest in it. It died pretty quickly anyway. I have a brown thumb.

  8. Hello Jane,
    Many plants are poisonous even those in the garden, most if eaten, sometimes people are allergic if they touch particular plants, but that can be said of anything :)
    Your photos are so lovely and I can't imagine having to visit let alone live in one of those flats or apartments there.

  9. Fascinating photos!! That must really be something to see--and smell! We do get that smell from the hotsprings here too-like in Banff. And we have Sulphur Mountain! I watched Duffy like a hawk when he was a puppy so he wouldn't sample the plants and flowers. I don't have to worry about him now.Emma is such a cutie! Duffy would love to play with her!!

  10. Thanks Jane, I've been wanting to get some Sago Palms for my yard, but I think I'll pass on that, now. I didn't know they were poisonous.

  11. Hi there - great pictures, loved them all and also great info and history. thanks. so nice to visit here and be entertained,informed and visually delighted.
    Love Gail

  12. Wow you really would think that those dangerous plants would come with a warning?! I had no idea!

  13. I agree with Emma, poisonous plants should come with warning labels. But now, the sulphur area you visited is fascinating. Even more so is the apartment complex behind it (or hotel)... Incredible!

  14. Such amazing photos, Jane. I don't think that I would want to be soaking in the mud pool, although I hear they have such health elements that is good for your aching joints and skin!
    Emma is so, so cute...such an adorable puppy!

  15. Beautiful photographs, beautiful face of the nature. I am greeting

  16. so interesting about the mud pool...I have never seen or heard anything about it...such intriguing pictures!

  17. That is sooooo cool looking. I wouldn't last a day there, but wow! Amazing display and you did a fantatsic job with your camera.