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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Rotorua Museum of Art & History

The foyer was very impressive - I was immediately asked to turn my camera off (fortunately, I'd already taken these two shots :) as photography was restricted to only a few selected areas within the museum.

A number of marble statues lined the halls and photographing them was permitted.

So sweet :)

There goes my G-rating...!

Original rooms and masonry.

Original hardware.

Part of the poster above reads as follows: "The relaxing regime included a swim at the Ward Baths before breakfast, followed by a visit to the Bath House for prescribed treatment. The Aix douche (a form of wet massage) took one half hour, followed by one half hour in the Cooling Room, a totally relaxing process. An afternoon stroll through the gardens, perhaps a Rachel bath and an evening bath at the Ward Baths, concluded the daily routine whilst "taking the cure". 

Sounds perfectly exhausting!

The Cooling Room.

Original plumbing and tubs in the basement of the museum. In some spots the ceiling was quite low and if you were over a certain height, you were advised to wear one of the hard hats provided.

Other parts of the museum experience (including a fascinating hour-long guided tour of Maori artifacts) were off-limits as far as photography went.

Before leaving, I had a long-black (that's a large, regular coffee down under) in the lovely cafe.

Next we head to Australia - I sure hope you plan to come along :)


  1. I could quite see myself taking the cure! It is a beautiful building, the foyer is quite stunning with that wonderful staircase.

  2. I thought that foyer looked more like a hotel - very glamorous! I love the staircase.Glad you managed a few sneaky photos. Their idea of a relaxing time is my idea of a heavy workout. The statuary is lovely, especially the one with the little dog. This is definitely my kind of place, I would have been there for hours wandering around. Love it.

  3. Very interesting. Glad you got in a few pics of the foyer...love the staircase. I think I could have wondered around there for a long time. Looking forward to Australia...

  4. Beautiful. Your photos are lovely.
    Seeing as I live in Australia I am looking forward to your photos :)

  5. What an astounding building! Manifique! But, Jane, is it just me or is there something slightly creepy about 'taking the cure'? Maybe when it was open and there were lots of people coming and going it would look less sinister to me. Anyway - fascinating! Can't wait to see Oz!!!

  6. I'm sure all those who came there for the cure went home like wrinkled prunes from all that endless bathing!

  7. A bit sad our New Zealand time has to come to an end. I've been having such a great time following you around.

    I do like the marble statures, very interesting. The whole building is beautiful and well kept. It must have been "the place" in its day, but I would find it a bit ominous to be there very long in the basement. The term, "The Cure" makes me think everyone there was diseased.

    Can't wait to see Australia! My bag is packed and I'm ready to go.

  8. Hi Jane,
    I'm glad you got to take some photos. The building was gorgeous as were the marble statues, but the "Taking the Cure" Bathhouse was just a little bit scary! :)

  9. I love it, Jane! I could never get bored of these posts. I so enjoy learning about our cultures. The cure sounds very interesting, but that wheelchair creeps me out a little. I suppose I've watched too many hours films :)

    1. Ooops...I meant horror films! In scary films, there is always a wheelchair involved for some reason.

    2. Hi Martha, I had guessed that's what you meant :) And you're right - I thought it was very creepy myself!

  10. Such a wonderful post again, Jane. I just love going along with you on your tour! That was some, bath house with all those old style baths, and original plumming. A magnificent museum. Can hardly wait for your next post!

  11. Budynek jest bardzo ładny, a to co w nim ciekawe. Jeszcze w takim miejscu nie byłam. Pozdrawiam.
    The building is very nice, and what it interesting. Even in such a place was not. Yours.

  12. Wow, what an amazing place to visit!

  13. That does look amazing, though a bit Alfred Hitchcock-ish :)

  14. WOW! What a very interesting place!!! However, I'm wondering what the "state of the art electrical therapies" would have been. I mean somehow, water and electricity does not create a very good picture of "curing"....well unless of course you needed to be electrocuted for your own good ;) I don't think I would have lingered too long waiting for a cure, how about you????

    Purrs! Thanks for sharing!!


  15. I thought that was very fascinating but I agree a little Hitchcock.

  16. So very interesting!! Love all those tubs and 'baths'!