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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Recent Discoveries

Well, believe it or not, I tried my very first pomegranate the other day!
I still remember being in grade school and watching kids eat these at recess and wondering 
what they tasted like... flash forward forty + years and I finally made it happen, yes siree, Bob :)

Thank goodness for the internet - I was so intimidated that I needed to watch a YouTube video 
on the proper way to cut into this most mysterious fruit. (ps: very messy, no matter how you slice it.)

Upon further research, I've since found out there are tons of pomegranate recipes out there,
and that they can be enjoyed in salads, desserts, appetizers, sauces, relishes,
drinks (as a garnish) and can be frozen.
Whooo Knew!

If you're a regular reader, you already know I'm a huge fan of all things second-hand;
be it VV (Value Village), Goodwill, antique malls, flea-markets, out-and-out junk stores... 
It's been a while since I've posted any finds; here are a few recent acquisitions :)

Over the course of this past summer & fall, I was able to pick up all the Harry Potter books 
for next to nothing at Goodwill. I'm very close to finishing 'The Order of the Phoenix' 
(fifth in the series of seven). All are in amazing condition.

These sit on a wooden 'lazy-susan', very retro and they go in my house perfectly.
I anticipate using this a lot throughout the Christmas season. 
I have Christmas oranges in them right now, but they'll soon be great for candies and nuts.

I see I need to dust!

Beautiful pottery & my new butter dish :)

I rescued this purse from a 'junk' store in Creston, BC on our trip to Nelson this fall.
It has an extra long strap; the leather is very thick, buttery soft and smells sweet.
One of my very best finds in a long time.

I love showcasing the great stuff you can get at these places and really encourage everyone 
to go once in a while (if you don't already) - who knows what you'll find?


  1. Great finds! I especially love the cups. I'm a huge fan of second-hand stores. I often drop by one or another to snoop around. I enjoy finding unusual items to add character to our home; items that you can never find at the other stores.

  2. Love vintage toy stores (of course) and flea markets. There is also just something about old hardback books. I like all the detail that sometimes goes into the covers.

  3. Oh, that folk art owl is exquisite! My Rare One is a devotee of the V V Boutique too.

  4. Martha, You're right - most of the stuff in retail stores pretty generic.

    WebDebris, The Goodwill here practically has a library and a few shelves are dedicated to the old books - some of the covers are very interesting.

    Debra, I wish I could say it's mine, but it's from a fleamarket - with a price tag close to $400...!


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