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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

 Lol, aren't these hilarious!!

I ran across these in my travels and have vowed to knit them by end of this winter.

I'm not much of a knitter (it's been many years and only headbands and scarves), 
but I recently picked up a Knitting For Dummies book so stay tuned... 
I will post pics once they are completed!

 (Here's the pattern :)

 In other Middle-Earth news, stills from the upcoming Hobbit movie 
can be viewed here.

As well, here's the latest behind-the-scenes production video.
I didn't realize this was being shot in 3-D.

CAN'T wait!


  1. Hokey smokes.. 3D! I didn't know that either. Like you I am patiently waiting. Remember the first Lord of the Rings movies to come out? They were sort of a mix between cartoon and real people, and of course the Hobbit cartoon itself.

  2. The slippers are a riot! I want a pair.

  3. Tracy and Lorene, The pattern is actually for baby slippers - I look forward to displaying them.

    WebDebris, Funny enough I've never watched any Rings movies other than the ones directed by Peter Jackson. I had recently read through the Hobbit and Rings twice just prior to the announcement that Jackson was working on a trilogy. Perhaps these first attempts could be featured on your blog as they were released in the 70's :)

  4. who wants pubic hairs growing outta their sox? :O lol

  5. Lol, they're pretty funny for sure!


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