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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At Your Service!

I recently visited the store Artifacts here in Edmonton.
Great place, lots of imported furniture and eclectic pieces.
I couldn't help but notice a small theme happening:
Cat Butlers!
Wouldn't you like one of these by your front door :)

Like an Egyptian

 Love his cat pendant.

A Mercat!

"People who dislike cats in this life, will come back as mice..." ;)


  1. I don't know... I think my cat might try to steal my breathe if I hinted anything about a butler. Lol. It is a very interesting piece though.

  2. I do believe I need...oh ten of those!
    I know where I'm going to go next, what a cool place.

  3. I think my dogs would go nuts if I brought any of those home.

  4. Hi WebDebris, I think I'd watch my back if I were you - it sounds like your cat's a Dementor... lol - I'm currently reading the Harry Potter series!

    LaelShine, Aren't they gorgeous - Artifacts is one place I could seriously spend a lot of money in.

    Mel, Lol, I can imagine mine freaking too at first!


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