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Friday, January 28, 2011

Jane Is Not Happy...

If you are at all familiar with my blog and happen to take a gander around at old posts, you will likely note that approximately 1/3 have mysteriously disappeared. I had to delete all YouTube videos along with the write up for that day. I suspect it was the Google Language Translator feature I had happily installed and have now needless to say DELETED, which caused all videos to go squirrely...grrr. It would have been an insane amount of work to try to redo each post, so I had to kiss everything goodbye. I am most disappointed about losing my Inspiring Seniors posts, which included P.D. James, Hazel MacCallion and Doris McCarthy, and others. I had put a lot of time into the research and composition for each of these profiles. There, my rant is done and I feel much better now. Oh well, C'est la vie! Thanks for listening.

January 29 update: I have gone back over the past week and added back in a few videos with a few words here and there :)


  1. What a shame to have lost all those posts. Do you back up your computer onto an external hard drive? If you do they should still be there. Don't ask me how to retrieve them, that is my DH's department - I sound knowledgeable but actually know nothing about these things:)

  2. Hi Rowan, Unfortunately that is also not my department, but I will be asking my husband - with fingers crossed...

  3. Update:

    Hi Rowan, I have checked and no, my posts were not being backed up. This is something I plan to look further into, thank you for the suggestion.