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Thursday, October 28, 2010

It could happen to you

I may be 10 million dollars richer in the next few days and just want to assure everyone that I plan to keep up this blog should I win the lottery - even if I have to hire someone to do it!

I wouldn't normally think that I have even the remotest chance of winning, however this time I have an ace in my pocket.  I went out for supper with 4 of my girlfriends last night and it was revealed that one of us (I'll call her Kelsey) has taken to carrying a certain wishbone in her purse for good luck ever since she used it to scratch (& win) at Thanksgiving.  So we all decided to purchase tickets together for the 50 million draw on Friday.

I got to thinking overnight about all the rituals and good luck charms people use. Everything from fishermen who dip their nets 3 times, the wearing of lucky hats, athletes who wear the same socks or shirt for each game; Jennifer Aniston even admits to always entering airplanes with her right foot first and tapping the outside of the plane for luck.  The strangest one I found on the net was South African lottery players who have made vulture heads into lucky charms.  Whatever works I say!

That's why I don't think it was so strange that I suggested Kelsey ramp it up and add in 3 twirls while holding her wishbone in the air before she makes our purchase (3 heel taps would also work).  I hope that she considers this as we are all depending on her, including our waitress, who I in all the excitement promised $100,000 to!

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  1. I will will be waiting with baited breath for the big news.

    Good Luck!