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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bird's Nest Soup, Anyone?

Seeing as this is my third 'bird/nest' reference in as many posts, I'll bet you're wondering how much longer I'm going to keep this going... me too, hehe :)

I have a obsession deep fondness for tree houses. In fact, all odd houses delight and spark my imagination; be they hobbit holes, fairy houses, gnome homes (which can be found under old trees, in renovated rabbit holes or even under pine-tree roots, in case you were wondering) or teeny-tiny people homes.

Here's a tree house in Thailand of a different sort - a dining pod set high above the forest floor. Imagine the bird's eye view you'd have from these dizzying heights. Once customers are seated in their nest, they are hoisted up six metres by a series of safety winches.

Here comes our waiter now, courtesy of a zip line!

 I guess they don't have to worry about D&D here!


  1. Love your blog!!! you can check out my blog too, when you find time :)

  2. Wow! That looks to be really high up. I wonder how they get up there, let alone bring up the soup....lol

    Very interesting looking structure for sure, looks very sturdy.

  3. I wonder if they lower you down again if you don't leave a good tip?

  4. There is no dining and dashing for sure. I'm trying to imagine waiting tables while attached to a zip line and having a tough time of it.


  5. Wow, I love this! What a wonderful way to dine. And the ocean nearby, too? I'd be in heaven...

  6. The view is surely fantastic, but I'd need to self-medicate with a few drinks before I made the trip.

  7. I noticed that there was a certain theme to your blog posts!! Lol! I love tree houses and always wanted one. Of course now, having vertigo, I wouldn't be climbing up there anyway!!!I like the idea of this tree house--takes away any need for climbing!!

  8. Oooh wow...would that be fun or what???

  9. Probably should also tip very well. Otherwise your ride down may be extremely quick!