"My mind sees that I am nothing, my heart sees that I am everything, between these two poles my life unfolds."

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Vant To Bite Your Finger

Spooktacular Greetings!

I happened to stumble across this hilarious toy commercial (is 1981 considered 'vintage' :) and thought it fit in quite nicely with today's theme. Have any of you ever owned or played with this one?

Halloween is my favourite holiday and the past two weeks I've been very happily overdosing on horror movies: The Exorcist, Christine, Cujo, An American Werewolf in London, Friday the 13th, Aliens (including Aliens vs. Predators), The Shining, Chucky and Dead Silence (evil ventriloquist dummies - yikes!) to name a few. I seem to find the eerie, the spooky, and the downright terrifying almost cozy this time of the year.

Isn't this used 1890s Vampire Hunting Kit frightfully interesting? Included is a crucifix, stake, mallet, hatchet, German stamped letter to the mother of deceased victim, signed new testament bible by hunter Andrew Kauffman along with picture of victim, pliers, Remington derringer pistol, rosary, syringe, garlic extract, sulphur, hair from destroyed vampire, pulled fangs of destroyed vampire & holy oil. One can never be too prepared...

Happy Haunting!


  1. Happy Halloween, Jane! Caught any vampires yet?

  2. Oh my gosh, we had that game! I had no idea that was the name of it. Funny. :p


  3. Good grief! I would crawl to the north pole in a bikini bfore I would put myself through the stress of watching a horror movie!! This is a whole other side of you Jane. Here I thought you were a gentle lady who loved wee houses and faeries! It seems even the gentlest soul has a dark side!! :D
    Happy Hallowe'en!!

    1. I'm a woman of many talents for sure - sometimes I'll be strolling around my garden, admiring dewy blossoms & start cursing like a sailor, lol!!

  4. Yay Jane..I have missed visiting your magical realm! What a fab post..that video made me giggle...too funny..and wowness...such a fantastical kit..very spooky!

  5. I don't do horror movies...yikes!!! However, I did take grandson to see Hotel Transylvania...we loved it! We learned that you must add "blah, blah, blah" when speaking Draculaize...hahaha fun post!

  6. I love horror films, Jane! I feel the same way about them this time of year -that all that eerie, creepy kind is rather cozy this time of the year. I spent about an hour this afternoon going through the TV listings and taping scary movies. I'm sure this side of my personality says something - um - 'interesting' about me :)

    I LOVE THAT Vampire Hunting Kit! I would proudly display it if I owned one. Give my visitors something to talk about. It is so cool.

  7. OMG Jane, I love this vampire hunting kit. I am obsessed with horror movies. Love them so much! I will watch all of them.

  8. I can remember that game, but have never played it. Clearly I had a deprived childhood!
    The vampire hunting kit is quite something.

  9. I would have loved that game when I was a kid! But what I'd like now is the Vampire Hunter's Case. That looks fascinating! Vampire movies were always my favourite when I was younger. I think they still are.

  10. Hi there, that Vampire Hunter's Case is really frightening! Glad to see you back,

  11. I'm right there with Francie! I really can not watch horror movies. I still leave the room when my husband watches Aliens for the millionth time!

  12. A belated Happy Halloween!!! I'm afraid I do not share your fondness for horror stories and movies. I refuse to watch them and I agree with Francie!! LOL!

  13. The vampire kit is way cool. I would love to have something like that on display in my house.