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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Does this cute fluffy tail...

Make my butt look Big?

The vet says I should lose at least one pound! I'm not sure how that's gonna happen with all the treats I've negotiated over time with Mommy & Daddy... 

Let's see:

- there's a treat every time I return from doing my business outside, (sometimes I even pretend to have to go, hehe!)
- one for being good when I'm brushed or my face is washed,
- the three that are hidden (& I expect) under the pillows and blankets every night,
- one after Mommy cleans & puts drops in my ears twice a day (& I still have two weeks to go)
- and sometimes there's a treat just for being so darned cute!!

Is it any wonder I need to lose weight?
 I don't have my own talk show yet - so this blog will have to do for now. 
I sure hope you're all behind me! 


  1. What a rude vet!
    Our two have learnt that if they go out one at a time they each get a treat both times! Not as dumb as they look.

  2. My vet finally announced that my chihuahua, LD, was just big boned...hahaha. My Sophie gets treats for eating her dinner. For announcing that daddy is home, For...almost anything. Your Emma is the very cutest! I don't think she's even a tad too fat! Agree with Tracey, the vet was rude! hahaha

  3. My Shushu has been on a perpetual diet. He says he is husky, not fat. Still has about 3lbs to go. Now, I happen to think your pooch is bootylicious, no one likes a skinny ass ;-)

  4. Maybe calorie-reduced, low fat treats instead? Are there such things?

  5. Is that Emma's fluffy tail? Wilma says she's perfect just the way she is! :)

  6. One pound??!! That's doesn't even count. Maybe water retention anyway!! But you are spoiled Emma!! Duffy has to work for his treats--most of the time!! But then he's a working/herding dog!! Treats are primarily for training with us. Doing his business in his 'business place' is expected, without rewards!! Duffy says he's moving to your house, Emma!

  7. This was the cutest post. We all can relate to spoiling the little darlings. Who can no?

  8. oh dear...just don't diet the wrong way like I did - by accidently swallowing a toxic mushroom whole and nearly dying (post called Toxic Hike) that was the END of all treats forever and ever and ever and after about one month of barking at the kitchen cupboard where she kept the treats, I finaly gave up...but every now and again, I still BEG.

    Doesn't work. But I did LOSE weight ~ it's just not FUN

    Good Luck. And no - you look great! Have a treat for me:)

  9. Hahaha...so cute! Emma, I think you look perfect. You'd love my cat, Mocha, who is simply 'big-boned', too. Hehehehe....

  10. one pound is a bit silly - why would ANYONE bother trying to lose just 1?! She doesn't look big at all although I would say that the amount of treats are going a bit overboard :P 3 under the pillows?! oh dear, Jane :P

  11. Dear Emma, Your tail is just right. How do you get such nice curls? My tail is bushy but I am a bichon and the fur is straight. And what is your favourite treat? I am a peanut butter girl - peanut butter in my kong toy and peanut butter cookies. I like your idea of pretending that you have to go outside to do you business. I'm going to try it today! Yours truly
    PS I have 3 cats

  12. Poor Emma, relegated to the world of diets, and she isn't really overweight.

    But you know the old saying, an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure. If she could be cut back on a few treats in a day and a tad more exercise she would no doubt lose this extra pound. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips!

    I thinks she is so sweet and cute, I'd give anything for curls like she has.

  13. We have one cat who is ummmm "solid" and then there is Malice who seems like she doesn't weigh anything, but Malice eats twice as much as the other. The cat, who is very "solid", doesn't look fat, but Wow! is it like picking up a cinder block. I have nicknamed this cat "Tank".

  14. Awwwww, she has such a pretty tail! Maybe a few less treats and a little more walking will be all she needs. Good luck!

  15. Oh, no! ;) It's going to be difficult to give up any of those treats. I think the one that would be especially hard to give up is the treat given for being so darn cute! What a cute little fluffy tail too :)

  16. Hahahah, she has got your number!

    My girl is porky too;)

  17. Emma looks beautifully perfect! I'm also guilty of the treats just for breathing habit! My favourite is the night-time treat because I hide it on my person...oh God, help me now!